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Are you Crafty? Some great places to get a bargain on craft supplies in London!


Creativity is one of those basic human talents. And like many talents you either have it, you don’t have it, or you sort of have it. In my own case I am in the later category, which is why you wont find my arts and crafts in any Craft Shop. No I need a little bit of help in letting my creativity run wild, but still do manage to make some great decorations for the holidays in my home. I always get compliments on my crafts when anyone comes to my house, they usually ask where I bought them, and then they are floored when I explain.


But I stress I am only semi crafty! You see the secret to every great crafter is to have a great high quality craft shop to deal with. Independent craft shops have always been a great help to me in getting my crafting supplies. They have many locations around London, so I never have to go very far, and when I am feeling a tad lazy I will just order online. Their website craftshops.co.uk is one of the best for craft stores, in that it offers an easy user-friendly experience to finding your favourite craft supplies. They also have a great ideas library, which can inspire you to take your crafting to the next level!


Beads! Yes beads! Now what could I possibly be making which would require beads? My Christmas tree trimmings of course, they are made from scratch every year with the latest and greatest beads. Those of us living in London are in great luck, as there is a fantastic shop called Creative Bead Craft, as the name suggests they specialize in beads. Sure most craft shops have everything, but it doesn’t go into as much depth in any one area as a specialty shop does. They are a five-minute walk from Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus tube stations, so they are easy to get to!


Last year I took up painting, and you see while I did not have time keep at it, I have a few great friends who do. But when I got into it I asked them, what craft shop would I go to in order to get paints for a landscape of my childhood farm. They recommended Cowling & Wilcox Ltd, a shop, which specializes in paints. Their big bonus, orders over forty pounds get free delivery. They have 4 separate shops, all of which are conveniently located next to tube stations. In fact one is on Broadwick Street, also about 5 minutes from Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus, so you can get your Beads, and paints at the same time!
However for faster painting and a good colour range, why not try graffiti spray paint?


So if you are thinking about taking up crafting, and you live in London, these are just a few of the best Craft Shops in the city. The devil is always in the detail they say, and I find the best way to get good crafts is to ensure you have gone to the best Craft Shops & craft supplies stores in London!

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