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Free & Premium Listings

Free Listing

Send us about 500 words about your company. Please try and make this unique content as google search engine will give it more strength and give you a better chance for more traffic to your business. This does not include telephone or link to your website . All third party advertising will remain on the page.

Send your company details and content to info@craftshops.co.uk .

Premium Listings with website link and telephone.

Upgrade to a premium listing and get your business in front of 1000′s of visitors a day. Pay by Paypal, Credit Card or Cheque

PREMIUM CATEGORY LISTING –Add full details including photo, name, address, telephone number, email, and web-site (with direct link) and 500 words of content. All third party advertising around your text will be removed ( excluding the side banners) and you get 100% control of your own page!
All prices are based on you providing us with the relevant art work and copy. But if you would like us to build your banner then the artwork will cost only £25.00 extra.
Here is how it works;

1.     Direct link to website URL

2.     Telephone number

3.     Up to 3 images and about 500 words about your Craft Shop

4.     Advertising removed

5.     Be listed as top result in your geographic area!

Once you have paid please send your company details, photos, content and anything else you think will help to info@craftshops.co.uk .

Introductory Offer – Only £100 Per Year or £10 month (continuous payment)!


Premium Listings plus

All of the above as with ‘premium listings’ but with the added facilities.

1.     Listed at the very top of a category/area of your choice. One place only.

2.     Removal of all advertising from your page.

3.     Your own Email address i.e. yourshop@craftshops.co.uk, if you want it.


Once you have paid please send your company details, photos, content and anything else you think will help to info@craftshops.co.uk

Introductory Offer – £200 Per Year for one category plus £40 for every subsequent category!

Other Advertising Methods

We also offer picture or full page listings for all craft shops or craft based businesses in the UK:
SIDE BANNER – Banner (170 x 107) on the sidebar throughout the site, with a link to your site, or email address i.e. If you are a craft shop in Cardiff you can choose to have it on the Wales or Cardiff page www.craftshops.co.uk/wales. We will only allow a maximum of 3 per category in order to help promote your craft shop. = £149 per year.



YOUR OWN WEB PAGE AT CRAFTSHOPS.CO.UK: Create a webpage and tell the world about your business. You can even add some photos, your own text, a map, a video link, and much more. You even get a nice URL to use for example www.craftshops.co.uk/sue-and-petes-craft-emporium = £199 per year.



FRONT PAGE BANNER – Banner (498 x 60). This will be placed below the menu section. This banner will be seen by everyone who enters the site and is only available in 2 slots. = £250 year.

All prices include VAT – To pay by Cheque please contact us here

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